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REAL-TIME interaction embed into your APP

we use mature Web-RTC technology, it is suitable for large-scale audio and video interaction scenarios. We have highlighted the adaptation of educational scenarios so that you can quickly start your own online business.

Abilites you can acquire

You can integrate all or some of the capabilities listed below into your app.We will introduce these functions to you and provide some combination solutions.

Interactive classroom

Support one to one and one to many real-time video calls. It provides excellent interactivity.

High quality voice

Support real-time voice calls as excellent as real-time video functions and needs less network costs.

Rich kinds of courseware

Support dynamic interactive courseware, realize real-time synchronization brush trajectory.

AI learning report

Support analyzing users’ behaviors with video record. It used to know students’ learning effective of online class.

Server Record

Support recording MP4 or original data which has interactive manners on backend servers.

Desktop Share

Anybody could share themself desktop during real-time meeting.

Integration in your business

RTC abilities engagements into your business

We supply many type of ways to embed your business. Such as out-of-box-service, SDKs,RESTful APIs etc.


It is a full functions online classroom. You could class directly without other additional development.

Many Kinds of SDKs

We provide many SDKs for different integration scenarios, including Web/iOS/Android/Linux.


Almost all of function could call by RESTful API

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